Internationale perspektiver

Refugees and GI in an international setting

Under the headline: “Refugees and GI: What can we with modern technique  do? How do we do? And should we just because we can?” this session, on tuesday, November 8, will aaproach the theme from three different perspectives:

Professor, Stefan Lang, from Salzburg Universität will give a presentation on what is technical possible with regards to monitoring refugee flows, concretized by examples from a refugee camp in Africa.

From UNCHR, Shadi Mhetawhi will give insight on how UNCHR use GI in their humanitarian work and let us in on what kind of challenges they face in this task.

Danish Journalist, writer and lecturer – and in addition a long term member of the Danish Ethical Board – Klavs Birkholm, will add an ethical dimension to the session and raise the dilemmas present in the field of using geodata in the work with refugees and humanitarian aid.

In conclusion the three speakers will answer questions from the audience as well as take part in a discussion about the perspectives at hand.