National GIS Conference 2024 in Denmark


About the Conference – Kortdage
Every autumn the Danish national GIS conference, Kortdage is held. Literally, ‘Kortdage’ means Map Days. The conference is arranged by Geoforum Denmark. The Conference is a multipurpose event and lasts for two days.

The language is mainly Danish, but also sessions in Norwegian, Swedish and English are common during the conference.

The presentations will reflect the status and latest development in governmental strategic use, standardization, technical use, and research within the geospatial field.

Over time the conference has become the central meeting point for an exchange of experience, knowledge and networking within the GI area in Denmark. 850 people participated in 2023 in Odense.

What makes Denmark interesting?
Along with the other Nordic countries, Denmark is internationally in the driver’s seat, when it comes to digitally driven/based communication and administration between the citizens and companies and the public administration. This situation exist because of mainly two factors. One is the high number of people with permanent high performing Internet access. The other is the governmental efforts in being on top of the ongoing technological evolution.

During the last decade the understanding and the focus on the geographic dimension has increased outside the professional circles, and is now becoming a natural and important part in services and collections of basic information.

About the programme
A planning committee will, based on, amongst other things, the abstracts received from participants, put together this year’s programme. The committee includes people from private companies, municipalities, governmental institutions, and universities. This is reflected in the selection of both keynote speakers and abstracts.

The programme will be launched in late June. There are 5-6 parallel sessions, and the biggest problem for the participants normally is to decide which sessions to miss.

About the participants
The participants come from all professions within the field of geographic information or branches somewhat closely connected to it. From private companies and educational institutions all the way to the public administration, you will meet technical experts, technicians, senior lecturers, sales people, project managers and leaders.

About the exhibition
Numerous companies will be presenting themselves, their services and products throughout the conference, and a key part of the conference is that this exhibition is in a centrally located area. Coffee breaks between the sessions will also be served here, and the atmosphere is informal, friendly and lively. Our exhibitors are responsible for the main part of the exhibition. Please contact us for more information regarding the exhibition.

Geoforum Denmark will be happy to to assist, in planning your travel. Please, contact the secretariate if needed.

Yes, I would like to participate
Registration of participants will open from August 14.

For more information
Browse this official website (in Danish) to get a visual impression of the conference or contact the Geoforum secretariate for more specific questions.