Automatic Detection of Structures in Denmark's Haveforening


Debat om datakvalitet


Denmark's  garden associations are protected by the  Colony Garden Act and the municipalities in which they reside. These areas are bound by development limitations and garden area minimums. 

We capture and analyze drone RGB point cloud data of any garden association in conjunction with publicly available orthophoto data via Dataforsyningen. The data is analyzed and area comparisons and overlap analyzes are produced. The automated workflow identifies discrepancies in the BBR data and the drone acquired RGB point cloud data. Providing information on allotments that need their data updated. Additionally, site monitoring is conducted to assess the current vegetative health of the garden associations.


Municipalities and anyone interested in learning about a method for analyzing building footprints via machine learning.

Yderligere uddybning af abstract

There is also a client deliverable associated with this analysis:

  • Numerical and spreadsheet deliverable which identifies each address and the extracted housing areas ratio over the expected housing areas from the BBR data
  • Vegetation analysis per allotment. An NDVI from orthophoto displays how additional structure development can decrease greenness of the garden associations allotments.
  • Visual overlap analysis of what was identified via the RGB drone imagery and BBR data.