A Private Community as a Part of the Basic Data Ecosystem


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Common Basic Data has a proven track record as a driver for growth in Denmark. It is in an international context quite uniquely made available through a coherent data model across data domains through one distribution platform free of charge. To ensure the maintenance and further development of Basic Data a strategic plan for the development has been formed in cooperation between users and registers and has been agreed in the steering committee for Basic Data.

The strategic need for the maintenance and development is prioritized in the government strategy on digitization. Two of the central elements within the strategic plans to ensure value for the users are the forming of partnerships and building of the ecosystems.

This presentation will give an insight to a new private initiative among data driven businesses which substantiates the visions within the strategic plan for basic data.


The target group is all participants at the Kortdage 2022 conference interested in Basic Data and the newly established private community (DAFAGO) as a part of the Basic Data Ecosystem.

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Peter Knudsen is Chief Advisor for the Danish Agency for Data Supply and Infrastructure where he works with basic data with a focus on development in cooperation with public and private partners. Peter holds a Master of Science in surveying, planning and land management.

Co author Eli Skop is Director of Business Development at Atkins. He has a long-standing carrier within geodata and GIS, and he works professionally within management, strategy-, organisational- and business- development project portfolios.

A Private Community as a Part of the Basic Data Ecosystem
Danish Agency for Data Supply and Infrastructure, and Atkins, respectively