Helsinki Smart City – Open Data Ecosystem


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“The data generated by Helsinki is the most usable and used city data in the world by 2025”, states the data strategy of the City of Helsinki. We aim to achieve this by publishing open data and engaging the data ecosystem community comprising e.g. companies, developers, and universities.

Cities in the Helsinki region have been opening up data since 2011 to enhance democracy and to facilitate data movement from cities to stakeholders. Helsinki Region Infoshare (HRI) open data service aims to build the community by arranging developer meetings, co-operating with the local universities and attending other events organized by e.g. companies.

As more than ten years have passed, we have witnessed a shift in the open data community: it has developed from a community of active forerunners and data enthusiasts to a more loose ecosystem of everyday data users.


The target group is all participants of the conference Kortdage 2022 that are interested in open data ecosystems and how things in Helsinki have been organized.

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Anu Henriksson is the service manager in the Strategies Division of the City Executive Office in City of Helsinki, Finland.

Helsinki Smart City – Open Data Ecosystem
City of Helsinki