Towards Geographical Information Ecosystems


Hovedtalere ved Kortdage 2022


Since the late 1980s the geographic information community in most parts of the world initiated activities towards a more efficient and effective operation of geographic information in the public sector. Spatial data infrastructures developed from provider driven towards user driven infrastructures focusing on the delivery of high quality basic geodata to well-known user groups. Open data and APIs were embraced by the geodomain resulting in an overwhelming amount of unknown users, using our data for unknown purposes.

Recently the concepts of open data ecosystem and open SDI were introduced suggesting a fundamental change in the way we operate our SDIs. This presentation will address these new concepts and discuss how they are different from the spatial data infrastructures: Do we really need to change the way we operate our SDIs today in order to be ready for the challenges of tomorrow?


The target group is every participant at Kortdage 2022 interested in geographical information ecosystems.

Yderligere uddybning af abstract Bastiaan van Loenen is Associate Professor of Geo-information Science in the Department of Architecture and the Built Environment, Delft University of Technology, the Netherlands.

Bastiaan is chairing the TU Delft’s Knowledge Center Open Data and is the scientific coordinator of the EU project Towards a sustainable open data ecosystem (ODECO).

Currently, his main focus is on open spatial data infrastructures and open data ecosystems. Other research interests include the development and assessment of spatial data infrastructures, the assessment of access and re-use policies and legal aspects of geographic information (e.g. location privacy). Of special interest is the concept of the open (data) city where citizens, companies and government together, with equal information positions, design and develop the city of the future.

Towards Geographical Information Ecosystems
Department of Architecture and the Built Environment, Delft University of Technology