Connecting the dots – maps in story world building


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In media studies the aesthetic value of moving images in film and television series has traditionally been judged by qualities in characters and plot. Accordingly, in the world of visual media production the script has been regarded the blueprint of suggested work. As new media formats as computer games, VR and AR, as well as new production technologies using computer game technologies is emceeing, this model is challenged or has even been turned upside down.

To some extend the map or model of a fictional world allowing non-linear reading is regarded the central boundary object in creative content development. This change highlights the importance of maps representing imaginary places as part of what is generally referred to as story world building. This paper explains the concept of story world building as a tool in content development for screen fiction and games.

Through a series of concrete examples, the presentation showcases how maps are used in the development and design of transmedia media and single media story world in film, television, and computer games. The intimate relation between narration and space is discussed giving theoretical insight to the field of story world building.

For all interested in story worlds and how maps are used in creating them.


Målgruppen er alle deltagere ved Kortdage 2021, der er interesserede i overlappet mellem kort, modeller, computerspil og interaktivitet.

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Connecting the dots – maps in story world building
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