Mapping ground displacement in Denmark from satellite


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Detailed knowledge of ground displacement is important for many purposes including climate adaptation, asset management and urban development.

By using PSInSAR it is possible to derive millimeter’s accurate ground deformation from stacks of radar images, which are now widely and easily accessible. After data processing and interpretation, the information derived may be relevant to various stakeholders such as utilities companies, landowners, or municipalities.

Applications and use cases will be presented, such as the monitoring of subsidence occurring in piers, the monitoring of areas with ongoing underground activities, and flood studies coupling sea level rise with subsidence data.

The benefit of tailored calculations using local reference points, radar reflectors, and precision levelling information will also be discussed.


The target group is participants working with supply or ports, or working for municipalities, contractors, or authorities.

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Mapping ground displacement in Denmark from satellite
Vincent Phelep
Geopartner Inspections