Exploring the 4th Dimension - Animating Temporal Geodata


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All geodata have at least two dimensions: X & Y. Some also have an elevation component: Z values. Many datasets also have a fourth dimension which is time, or T values. This talk will demonstrate how to unleash this fourth dimension of your geodata.

The first example will use raster data. Here you will see change over time for a location via an animated series of aerial photos. The next example will build on this, by showing environmental vector point data through time. Here temporal symbology will be introduced. You will see beautiful animations as the data rendering changes with the passage of time.

The final example will show mesh data which is a hybrid between vector and raster. Here you will see weather data for one of the biggest storms to ever impact Denmark. This data will be symbolized to show wind traces. The result is a powerful and intuitive animation.


The target group is anyone interested in seeing the possibilities for visualizing the temporal dimension of geospatial data. This will be equally useful for managers and geospatial technicians.

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Exploring the 4th Dimension - Animating Temporal Geodata
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