Applications for Greenland’s NunaGIS geodata portal


Grønland og Arktis


NunaGIS contains Greenland’s public GIS and geodata portal. The purpose is to provide GIS tools and geodata for use in planning and in environmental and nature management. In 2017 NunaGIS began conversion to the ESRI ArcGIS platform with multiple thematic GIS portals alongside a central NunaGIS hub-site.

Since 2019, we have provided consultancy for design and development of an application template as well as several choropleth maps. The application template is intended to be used as foundation for the thematic Planning, Map, Sectorplan, Learning, and Area Allotment portals.

In 2020 the Planning portal that is intended for use in physical planning by caseworkers and the public, the Map portal, and the Sectorplan portal applications were launched by The Ministry of Finance’s Department of National Planning.


This presentation is relevant for participants who has a general interest in GIS and geodata, and in the creation of web mapping applications for data visualization. Especially, students, GIS employees, caseworkers, planners, and consultants can benefit from the presentation.

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Applications for Greenland’s NunaGIS geodata portal
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