ONDA DIAS overview


DIAS - bedre adgang til satellitdata


ONDA is the DIAS platform led by Serco Italia which enables users to build and operate applications in the Cloud by providing Data, Services and User Support, with the aim to facilitate the use of Earth Observation satellite data and geospatial information.

ONDA provides free and open access to products from different sources, from the Copernicus Sentinels family, to EO missions, to the Copernicus Services projects.

In addition, our services, which benefit from the performance of a market leading Cloud environment, are designed to help users develop scalable and advanced applications for data processing, and also include custom solutions to integrate third party users’ own data.

ONDA also provides a Service Desk for assistance and technical help, and online documentation as user support.


ONDA aims to support users at various levels of expertise in exploiting geospatial data.

Our target groups vary from individuals who want to learn about the potential of Copernicus, to professionals, SMEs and start-ups, EO experts and academics, and finally to Space Enterprises and service providers.

Yderligere uddybning af abstract

The DIAS (Data and Information Access Services) - funded by the European Commission under the aegis of the European Space Agency - have the objective of supporting the development of Copernicus-based user applications and of enabling research and business, with the ultimate goal of boosting user uptake, stimulating innovation and the creation of new business models based on Earth Observation data and information.

ONDA is the DIAS led by Serco Italia which, with the aim of facilitating, fostering and expanding the exploitation of Earth Observation satellite data and geospatial information, enables users to build and operate applications in the Cloud by providing Data, Services and Support.

The ONDA paradigm is to bring people on data, by offering custom solutions to cover the needs of all prospective users, who range from the general public having minimal or no knowledge of Remote Sensing through professionals and SMEs up to public authorities, agencies and large enterprises.

ONDA offers free and open access to a wealth of datasets from different sources - from the Copernicus Sentinels family, to EO missions to the Copernicus Services projects - and provides easy-to-use resources for accessing, downloading and processing the data and information. In order to further benefit from the huge volume of geospatial information available today, the initial data offer will be progressively extended to include additional missions and Copernicus Services as well as in situ measurements, or other data that will be deemed of interest.

The ONDA platform also provides services that benefit from the performance of a market leading Cloud environment. Our Cloud computing solutions are scalable, easy to set up and have predictable costs as well as optimised and consistent performance. In addition, all data, information, applications and transactions are securely protected.

At any time users are able to upgrade or scale down the chosen configuration for their virtual platforms to tailor them to their needs and expertise. An innovative data access technology is also provided, which allows users to easily extract only the needed product information from the data.

Other available ONDA services include the provision of customizable, managed support for expert users, to help designing and building scalable and advanced systems for data processing and also to provide solutions to integrate the user’s own data. Our users will then have the option to publish their results and applications through the ONDA marketplace.

As regards the user support, the ONDA Service Desk is available to provide assistance and technical help, and users can also benefit from the information available on the ONDA web portal, including any published documentation in the form of User Guides and step-by-step Tutorials.

ONDA DIAS overview
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